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Success Stories

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Osa Peninsula
Population: 5,000

Development Challenge: Build a regenerative economy, by first investing in keystone agriculture and forestry projects; all committed to the 50% reinvestment model.

  • Step 1: Our cornerstone investors agreed to invest in the 50/50 model.  They have committed $500,000 into Blueprints. Their reinvestment amount in year 1 and 2 via Blueprints is expected to amount to $6.5mm.
  • Step 2: 50% of the profits  ($6.5mm) will be reinvested into scaling successful local agriculture and forestry businesses, building local value chains, thus fuelling compound growth.
  • Step 3: Blueprints will align 35 committed stakeholders in the Costa Rica ChallengeRoomTM at our November 2018 Summit; this will finalise a genuine plan of action to match resources to investments.

Expected Impact: replicating this model over 10 years is calculated to attract $70.2 million into new investment opportunities in the sector.