Our Founder Story

I am dedicated to enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty. I feel privileged to be considered a trusted advisor for governments around the world, but its not a job where you would seek the life experience required for the position. I was an indigenous tribal girl who grew up in the poorest of conditions enduring cruel deprivations, witnessing normalized tragedies and violence.

Tamara Lakomy

I watched aid workers come in and out of my community, I witnessed how temporary solutions were applied to problems. I saw big businesses make obscene profits by stripping a region of its natural resources whilst the indigenous people continued to suffer. There was no dignity in aid, only dependency, and there were no opportunities to share the wealth that was being created.

After the independence of South Sudan from the North, I partnered with David Solomon an ex banker who had become disillusioned with the financial industry and had dedicated his life to getting an equitable deal for the local tribes. We both saw that the current system of aid and economic development was not serving the people, the trust had been broken. To us we believe this is the time for change. We are combining our deep knowledge and understanding of the issues with expertise in financial and business models to create something life changing.

A new economic model for regenerating regions.

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Tamara Lakomy

David Solomon, Tamara Lakomy