Our Crowdcube campaign

Why does 95% of aid never reach the people it’s intended for?

Why haven’t we managed to build developing economies that support themselves?

Who really benefits from decades of foreign aid?

These are the questions that keep us up at night. Which is why we founded Blueprints.

A Blueprint is a project that establishes dignity in economic development. By scaling this model we achieve exponential returns.
Economic Development is the biggest business globally bar none. Yet it is terribly inefficient at serving the citizens of developing regions, worsened by the fact that over 95% of aid, billions of dollars, is wasted.

Blueprints offers a radically different alternative, a unique way of redefining investment that is scalable. We work with indigenous people and private businesses to implement a fair, 50/50 shared model, starting with scaling local agriculture and forestry projects that have a proven track record of generating high returns with equitable development.

We are on the cusp of accelerating the growth of our first major project in Costa Rica, where we are implementing the 50/50 shared model.

Now we need your investment to help make this project a success and to scale our model.

A fundamental question when it comes to investment is, will this scale? Is dignity in economic development the new model?

By building our next Blueprints Challenge Summit and technology we will be able to scale the future of economic development, a new blueprint for success. We can then expand our work immediately into Cuba and Colombia. From there, the world.

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Your involvement will solve a great challenge, while generating an excellent return on investment.